Investment Management

We take a holistic approach to investment management.  Rather than looking at each of your investment accounts in silos, we look at the overall picture to make sure all your assets are working together to achieve your goals.

Each taxable account will have very different tax ramifications depending on what type of investment is held, how long the investments have been held, what gains there are, if any tax loss carryforwards exist, etc..  We actively seek to minimize the tax ramifications of your accounts.  If you have a blend of taxable and qualified accounts (IRA’s/401k’s) we can hold different types of securities in each account type to maximize your overall after-tax gain and minimize your tax bill.

Not all investment managers do tax-loss harvesting and the ones who do will typically only harvest losses once a year. We keep an eye on tax-loss harvesting opportunities all year round to make sure you pay Uncle Sam as little as possible


Retirement Planning

Do I have enough to retire?  How do Social Security and Medicare fit into my retirement plan? How do taxes work in retirement?  How do I get money out of my accounts in retirement? What happens if the market crashes right after I retire?

Our comprehensive retirement planning process answers all these questions and more!


Proactive Tax Planning

If you have someone that prepares your tax return once a year, they are reporting history.  Typically they aren’t proactively meeting with you to minimize your upcoming tax burden.  That’s where we come in!  As part of our checklist driven planning process, we will sit down with you every year to make sure you are maximizing all of the tax advantaged strategies you have available. 

Business Succession Plans

Do you own a private business and are thinking about retirement? Exiting a small business presents a unique set of challenges.  Let us help you think through the pros and cons of each exit strategy.