Why Glass Lakes?

Glass Lakes was founded with the client in mind.  When we invest client money, we take a fiduciary position.  This means that we are obligated to ALWAYS and in every circumstance put the client first.  This means there are no hidden fees, no commissions, and no kickbacks of any kind.

There is no “one-size fits all” approach to investing.    Therefore, we take the time to sit down and build a financial plan with everyone who comes through our doors.  We can’t just invest in a vacuum, we need to know the whole picture to make sure all the pieces are working together towards the same goal. Through the planning process we get to know you and how your overall picture is invested so we can build you a customized portfolio to fit your specific individual needs.

The best investment strategy is the one you can stick with during good and bad markets.  At Glass Lakes, we will walk you through a very thorough financial plan and help prepare you for the inevitable market volatility. This goal focused, planning based investment philosophy helps our clients stay the course when times get tough.

Glass Lakes is relationship focused, we are not your typical investment company that you sign up with and then never hear from again.  From proactive tax planning to market updates, you can expect to hear from us on a regular basis.

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